Our Investigative Interviewing Skills and Techniques
Online Tutorial is now available!

With this unique, interactive on-line tutorial you will get a solid background in established investigative interviewing skills and techniques.

Based on the National Model of Investigative Interviewing Techniques employed by police and other law enforcement agencies throughout the UK, this online learning aid is compatible with the EDI Level 3 Professional Investigator's Award - the Security Industry Authority (SIA) approved standard for private investigators.

From the comfort of your computer, at work or at home, you will be able to learn the following key aspects of investigative interviewing:


  • List the 7 principles of investigative interviewing.

  • Explain the acronyms C.L.A.S.P. and R.E.S.P.C.T. so far as they relate to interviewing suspects, witnesses or victims.

  • List the types of questions that can be used in interviewing and give examples of how and when they should be used.

  • Describe what is meant by the P.E.A.C.E. method of interviewing.

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Here is a taster of what to expect in the full tutorial:

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